Необходимый уровень безопасности обеспечен

В соответствии с Постановлением Правительства Санкт-Петербурга от 09.05.2020 № 276 на главной странице нашего сайта размещен QR-код, подтверждающий, что в Адвокатском бюро «Иванян и партнеры» обеспечен необходимый уровень безопасности в связи противодействием распространению COVID-19.

private clients

Assisting in all legal matters of wealth management

We advise (ultra) high-net-worth individuals, and their families and family offices. Our support covers all legal and tax issues related to asset, real estate, business, philanthropic, and succession planning and management.


Advised a private investor on tax-effective asset restructuring; the client’s assets were represented by 100+ various companies and structures in different jurisdictions. Matter value: $500 m (2015-present)

Advised a Russian Forbes-listed businessperson on all legal and tax aspects of financing and purchasing an aircraft. Matter value: $60 m (2017)

Advised a Russian Forbes-listed businessperson on legal and tax structuring of the purchase of a yacht built by a famous Italian shipyard and on the tax aspects of its exploitation. Matter value: €10 m+ (2017)

Advised a high-net-worth individual on tax compliance for the purchase of shares of a Russian company, including evaluation of risks related to the proposed purchase, such as previous mistakes in accounting or non-compliance with tax obligations. Matter value: ₽120 m ($2 m) (2017-2018)

Advised a high-net-worth individual on all legal and tax issues regarding financing, acquiring, and importing into Russia two unique music instruments: a Stradivarius violin and a centuries-old cello. The average cost of an instrument: €1 m+ (2016)

Advised a number of high-net-worth individuals on choosing an optimal jurisdiction for marriage and prenuptial agreements in case of future divorce and/or division of property and on drafting nuptial agreements (2017)

Advised several private clients on the legal and tax risks of purchasing 300+ pieces of art, including paintings by realist, impressionist, suprematist, and severe style artists. Total value: $31.5 m (2018-present)